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About Hustle & Motivate Marketing

Owner Trey Davis has always been a entrepreneur. Starting a clothing brand back in 2010 he has now branched off into the digital and marketing side hoping to shed some light on small businesses and turn them into big businesses.He has seen first hand how difficult it is to start a business from bringing in clientele to opening up new doors and getting the business and brand out there, all things that could put stress on a new business owner or even a well developed one . Trey’s a firm believer that all lessons are blessings and has chosen to share his skills tips with others to help and keep their business growing .

During 2016 he started planning on the vision of wanting his own marketing company. In February 2019, his vision became what you know as of today Hustle and Motivate Marketing. Using his social media high following platform Trey began to promote new, old and small businesses across them , giving them the exposure needed to gain clientele.What started off as only a handful clients has quickly grown into over 20 clients with business ranging from music ,clothing to cooking . Not one write up is the same as each one is tailored to the clients specific needs .The ultimate goal of Hustle and Motivate Marketing is to see small business flourish . There’s no reason we can’t all be successful with Trey and his teams help, we’re able to do just that

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