Balancing Your Job While Investing In Your Small Business
Balancing Your Job While Investing In Your Small Business

Today we are discussing the topic of fully becoming your own boss. If you’re keeping your day job while you start a business, it can be hard to find balance. Like most of us entrepreneurs, you’re planning to use your income from your day job to help fund your new business, or, you are simply relying on that income to sustain your living expenses until your business can generate a profit. When it comes to finding balance, the first step is always the hardest.   I like to call this period of starting your business, the trial and error period.   The process of building the empire can be a seemingly long and slow. However, starting your business while keeping your day job is not only doable; it’s often a wise decision.


Here Are 3 Steps To Help You Keep Your Balance:

Committing The Time

While working your 9 to 5, one of the most difficult things is to find time for your side hustle. Our tip for our clients is to find a window that you have, in order to really put time proper effort in for your new small business. Create a schedule in advance of the days and times you will commit to working on your new venture and be sure to stick to it. By blocking your time into manageable chunks, and devoting a set amount of time each day to your new business, you can make balancing the two more doable. It takes hard work and dedication for a successful business to flourish. Long nights and early mornings are definitely required of you.


Do Not Get Discouraged

Starting a business is one of the hardest things you could do in life. You have so many emotions that go through on the daily. Happy, excited, proud, sad, mad, confused, lost and so on. ALL ENTREPRENEURS go through this!!!When developing a successful business, you will be taken on an emotional roller coaster. The best advice that we have is to accept and realize these emotions. Once you do that, you can then brush off the bad feelings and tell yourself your business will prosper. Keeping a positive attitude is the key. Every road block builds momentum and gives you the confidence to make bigger and wiser decisions for your business.

Use Your Day Job To The Supply Business

 While working your day job make sure to focus on money management! Make sure to open a business account. We like to tell our clients to always have a separate account when having a business. That way you can see what your business profits and spending habits are. Having a steady income from your day job enables you to make the best decisions for your new business.

Published By Trey Davis & Timiesha Pruitt

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