Bossey’s Yemonade Bar
Bossey’s Yemonade Bar

Whoever said kids couldn’t start their own business has obviously never tried Bossey’s Yemonade Bar. Paavai Dior Horace is a 6-year-old filled with a lot of creativity and drive and she’s ready to quench your thirst with some of her fresh Yemonade.
With amazing parents behind her and supporting her every step of the way, Bossey and her crew of Yemonheads have learned basic business and customer service skills, how to maintain a clean work environment and money management. Their ultimate goal is to spark the interest of other kids into becoming children entrepreneurs. 
You’re never too young to start your own business, this is more than just Yemonade.

Why did you choose your company name / What does it mean to you?

“Bossey’s Yemonade Bar is a name that stems from my daughter’s childhood. Since my daughter, Paavai, actually thought of starting this business I decided it would be best to incorporate her in the name of the company. “Bossey” derived from a nickname that her grandmother gave her as a toddler. She has always been relentless in trying to get her way. This characteristic actually worked in her favor when it comes to this business venture because she would not rest until her dad and I got it up and running. “Yemonade” is actually how she pronounced “lemonade” when she was younger. So the name just came together when thinking back on her experience with lemonade as a little girl.”

What are your goals for your company this year?

“The business is growing quickly and as it evolves our goals adjust. What remains constant is we want to show our daughter, Bossey and the kid staff members (that we like to call “the yemonheads”) how to efficiently and effectively run a business. We also want to see this company grow as a family business that stimulates entrepreneurship and generational success for years to come.”

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

“With my children, they have always been very self-motivated to create a means to generate their own money. My son is very outgoing and social. He also demonstrates good leadership skills and is a proactive thinker. Bossey was only following her big brother’s footsteps. As their parents, we are just trying to provide them with the opportunity to pursue their interests. Since their interest was starting a business we have in turn become entrepreneurs!!!”

Words of advice you would give to someone getting into your field

“We just want people to know you are never too young to start your own business!

Since we started Bossey’s Yemonade Bar we have seen the excitement in Bossey and the Yemonheads as well. The passion and curiosity these children express with the lemonade stand have evolved into great business skills like counting money, good customer service skills, maintaining a clean work environment and understanding basic business terms (one of their favorite terms is profit margin). Ultimately, like Bossey and her yemonheads, we are hoping to spark the interest of other youngsters to become children entrepreneurs. We want people to know that there is no”

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