How To Brand Your Company on IG * Building a brand is not easy, but its simple * At the beginning, you need to decide what will your main service will be* Then, focus on giving free value and content * You will need to be consistent with your post. One post a day * Having a good looking logo and content design is very important because it will bring you new followers.


64 % people said shared values was a main reason why they have a relationship with the company they frequently purchase from.
Be RELATABLE with your content.
Don’t FAKE it!


80 % of people said designs / color presentation increased brand recognization and has them coming back to their social media page or website.
Great QUALITY for your business will bring in customers/clients.


60% of people expect consistent experiences when dealing with social media brands and websites.
POST content DAILY on your social platforms.


54 % of people don’t trust brands because of broken promises.
ALWAYS tell your following the TRUTH!

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