HM&M Covid-19 Points 

Covid-19 is causing many uncertainties for businesses, especially entrepreneurs.  H&MM has come up with some tips to help your business survive, and possibly thrive during these hard times.
1. Investing – Investing in your business is always a good thing but now is not the time to be making unnecessary and big purchases . Covid-19 has made the future very unpredictable and the last thing you want to do is get your business in a hole you can’t get out of . Smart purchases are vital to your business at this time.
2. Creative Ideas – Have extra inventory and time . Now is the time to run a sale to get rid of it. Cleaning  house will keep your business organized and free from clutter .You don’t want anything to go to waste during this time.
3. Rebranding – Been thinking about re-branding for a while but haven’t had the time. If you have downtime in your business now is the time to do so. Take this time to focus on your brand  and redo logos, edit your website design new marketing strategies and really focus on what’s next. Covid-19  Will be sure to change the road for a lot of businesses you want to make sure yours doesn’t get caught at the wrong end of the fire.
4. Plan Ahead – Start to prepare what your business would do if the situation with COVID-19 worsens . Have a talk with your staff and come up with different scenarios of how the business might respond to it.

We will have a in-depth discussion on our website forum, that entrepreneurs can vent and help each other out. All you have to do is register to our website: Chat with Us Now

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