Marketing Tip Friday: Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Becoming More Crucial
Marketing Tip Friday: Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Becoming More Crucial

As a digital marketing company, Hustle and Motivate Marketing aims to help our client to succeed. Although there is a quarantine going on, and most of us have never lived during a pandemic. Communication between small businesses and everyone else becomes important.  We all have to support each other during these times. Our company likes to say, “We all know someone, that someone doesn’t know.” With that being said, having someone one like your post, give you a shout-out, repost your product, or sharing your content, can bring in more customers.  This crisis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so digital marketing is most important, now more than ever. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a behavior shift from people coming into physical contact when handling business, to doing business more digitally. Consumers are unfortunately stuck inside, so now is the time to focus on digitally marketing your brand.  Here on some tips to beef up your digital marketing strategy: 

Update Your Marketing Strategy

You can post stuff, or you can post stuff with intent…the intent to sell.  Some entrepreneurs aren’t even aware of what a marketing strategy is. A marketing strategy is a plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service.  Planning is vital to the success of your business so that you can achieve more than lose. Digital marketing the same concept, yet using carefully selected online marketing channels and ideas to promote your product.  Finding the right platform to promote on is important in order to save time and money. Creating a content calendar for your business is another valuable tool for your strategy. This will help you to keep track of what, when, and where you are posting. Lastly, take some time to learn everything about your audience.  Which will guide you on creating meaningful content for your audience?   

Keep Your Audience in the Know (Loop)

You want to look at your audience as customers, because all they have to do is buy something from you to become a customer.  How does the audience know what’s going on if you don’t keep them knowing? They don’t. However, if you keep them in the loop, then they will know what’s going on with your business such as new items, promotions and sales.  You can keep your audience engaged by engaging with them. Share posts and videos to keep their eyes on you. But, be careful of under sharing and over sharing because you want to be seen, but not look desperate. Build a community with your audience, talk to them, reach out to people, start forums so they can feel heard.  Finally, you want to add value to your product, and one way of doing that is providing value to your audience. Always make your audience feel like winners, and that they are winning with you and your business. How each person does that is different, but active engagement is important.  

The digital era was already here, but during this pandemic it’s showing its real value.  That is why creating, or having a digital marketing strategy will start to be essential to your business.  You want to make sure to take steps like finding the right platform, create a calendar and learning your audience.  Moreover, you need to keep your audience in the know by posting your content, sharing videos, building a community and reaching out to

Published By Trey Davis & Timiesha Pruitt

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