Lady Like Lashez
Lady Like Lashez

Everything a woman does should always be done in a Lady Like-manner and fashion and that’s exactly what Alex guarantees you when you walk in and out of her shop.

Alex grew up around a family of thriving business owners and knew one day that her creativity would birth a successful business of her own. Rather than continue to leave unsatisfied and fix what she knew deep inside could’ve been done correctly herself, she took to school and got educated and received her Cosmo license. 
Having been serving the Bay Area for 3 years now @lnghairtheycare has branded herself with her unique “Big Daddies” and hand-drawn art. 
If you’re looking for quality work the @ladylikelashez, Chair is exactly where you should be sitting

Why did you choose your company name / What does it mean to you?

“My company name came from a personal place, I’ve had ‘ladylike’ tattooed on my knuckles for years & it’s somewhat a reminder to do all things in a ladylike manner/fashion”

What are your goals for your company for the rest of this year?

“One of my goals this year was to establish a Logo for my brand so that my artwork would stand out / be recognized by people familiar with my work already. I love how it turned out it’s my hand!”

What inspired you to start your company?

“I started doing my own nails in 2013 bc I could never find a salon that would leave me satisfied service-wise. I would go to the salon for the foundation & I’d go home to shape and do the artwork myself. I realized my passion for nails in general not just my own, so I went to school & received my Cosmo license.”

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur/my own boss. My father, grandfather & my two aunts own / run their own thriving businesses, so growing up around that I always knew that my career path would end up being one of creativity & me being my own boss.”

Words of advice you would give to someone getting into your field?

“Words of advice: Go to school !! School teaches you all the health & sanitation behind all the pretty stuff- TRUST it’s important, sanitation cannot be learned off the internet. If you are truly passionate get your License, do it right !”

What is the message you want to deliver to people?

“My message has always been, even if you don’t come back pass along the knowledge I’ve given you, at the end of the day I’m providing a service & I want you to leave happy, educated (nail-wise) and satisfied. Don’t settle for cheap/mediocre products/services. If you’re paying for a service you deserve the best.”

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