Social Media Made Us Lazy With Branding
Social Media Made Us Lazy With Branding

I love watching @nickyandmoose youtube channel. They are constantly dropping gems for content creators and business owners. 3 weeks back they were breaking down how lazy we have become leaning on social media platforms to build our business. They stated, “We rely on them to see our content on these platforms. It was a stepping stone to bringing people to your website. We need to get back to the old ways because we don’t even control the market condition which means the algorithm and what is being seen.”
What I took from watching this episode of their podcast is that we have to start making adjustments on our end to favor ways of the small business and drive traffic to your consumer without having to rely on the platform you are using. By us not trying to do this, it proves that we have become lazy when promoting our content. We need to focus on an Email list, text message list, and website communities.

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