Marketing Tips: Steps to building income with your small business
Marketing Tips: Steps to building income with your small business

The dream of being your own boss is a dream an entrepreneur always dream about. When starting a business, it is always difficult to build a steady income. It is harder for an entrepreneur to start bringing in income when starting their business because sometimes, we start these businesses from dreams and don’t know exactly where to start. reported that “400 small business owners whose companies started as side hustles, revealed that the majority of entrepreneurs (54%) were driven by a particular passion, or had dreams of owning their own business. Additionally, 30% of respondents noted they started their side hustle in a completely different industry from the one they worked in full time.” Therefore, we decided to write on this topic today and give you some tips on how to turn your small business into a steady cash flow when starting.


Treat Your Side Hustle As A TOP Fortune 500 Company

What we mean by this is that you…WILL NOT…work for free.  A little less, is a suggestion when starting out to get your name out there.  However, If these  people don’t question the designer brands and/or other services they may use, about the prices and pay them…they can pay you that same money as well.  You are just as valuable, and treat yourself as such…OR ELSE…no one will.   Starter businesses often use the method of working for free when starting off. What is not realized though, is that can produce a method of habit, meaning, you may get stuck working for free for months.  Then, you don’t know how to flip the switch on for profiting for your business. We like to advise everyone to start off with a set price for your business. We encourage you to do your research, see what the starting price is for your field, and proceed to promote your pricing so you are aware of the pricing and what you can/can’t afford.


Make a plan to be Finically Stable

Starting your business takes hustle, motivation, and capital. Respondents reported they needed their side hustles to make at least $43,862 per year, on average, before they felt comfortable leaving their full-time position. By managing your spending, as well as, what is coming in is one of the biggest aspects. Sometimes, entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with managing two different source of incomes. Which can get very confusing. This is an important part to separate when trying to be finically stable with your business. If taken seriously, you will see fluctuation in income.  Finances won’t eat into the profits of your business when you take the leap from your business being a side hustle and turning it into a full time job.


Know your why?

Why are you pursuing a side hustle? Is it to earn a little extra income so you can retire early? Is it being used to generate income to pay down some debt? Or, is it just for the possible financial gains?


It is VITAL to know your why, so that you can remind yourself of why you are pursuing entrepreneurship…for when the times get hard.  Knowing the why will help you maintain your focus as well. Finding your why is a major key to success! My number one suggestion is, is DO NOT  do it for the money because your business is less likely to sustain during the first and possible second year.  Not only do you   . want to find something that you are passionate about.  You need to know why you are passionate about it. That will lead you to fall in love with your side hustle, especially the times when things may not go as expected. Therefore, you will not think about money first, instead, you will be thinking about success and how to build your dream into a successful empire. A great side hustle has the potential to prosper, but doesn’t necessarily generate immediate income. However, if you stay with it will eventually pay off. With each idea for your business, it is important to be original and creative. Lastly, knowing your why will assist you in narrowing down your vision(s).  This is important for creating multiple strategies that, to assist in creating better marketing for marinating consistent customers, as well as gaining new customers.


Published By Trey Davis & Timiesha Pruitt

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