Monday Tips: Top Marketing Trends for 2020
Monday Tips: Top Marketing Trends for 2020

Top Marketing Trends for 2020

The year is coming to an end and we want to share with you the Top Marketing Trends for 2020. We want the businesses of our Current and future clients to prosper in this new year .No goal is to small and no dream is to big . We’re gonna hustle hard and results will be seen . With a brand-new decade rapidly approaching, here are some of the top marketing trends for 2020.

Shoppable Post
Social media offers you the ability to reach new customers quick and easy by shortening the sales funnel making it easier for users to shop.

Personalization Marketing
We have preached all 2019 about making a Email list. Recent reports show that its becoming old fashion for marketing, and they lend themselves well to personalization. Segmented lists with personalized email blasts have been shown to perform then generic emails sent to an entire list. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Ads Smart Bidding
Facebook has started a trend with running on social media for small businesses. Google has announced Google Ads updates that will likely lead to automation and smart bidding becoming the new normal. Three ways Google is trying to out due the competition:

• The ability to choose conversion action at the campaign level
• The ability to set your bids to change automatically when sales start or stop
• The ability to optimize bids over multiple campaigns with a chosen set of conversion actions

Game Changing, watch all the other competition try to one up each other with different concepts in 2020 for the paying ads.

Content Marketing
Now this will not change! Content marketing plays a big role and forever will with a successful business. Remember High-quality content allows you to show your expertise and communicate with your customers from a place of authority. Your content is also what search engines provide to searchers online, so continuing to produce high-quality content is a must.

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