Client Appreciation: New Logo For Mosi
Client Appreciation: New Logo For Mosi

Today we have the talented Mosi coming to us with another dope content creation. He has started his YouTube channel, which has been doing big numbers for the past couple of months. He wanted us to design his new logo for the “Ain’t Sh*t Chronicles”. We were given a simple concept that we stayed true to but you know us we wanted to add something that brought out the design. With the word chronicles, it kept giving us a comic book theme, so we added light comic book wordings that describe his new content shown in the background of the logo. 

Make sure to check out all his business adventures. The boy is naturally talented and we are here to support each vision 100 percent! Links below to all of his businesses! 

Youtube: Talks with Mosi

TikTok: LongLiveMosi

Instagram: LongLiveMosi

Clothing Website: Legado

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