The Rising Of Black Women Entrepreneurship
The Rising Of Black Women Entrepreneurship

With everything that has been going on in the world, 2020 has been really be crazy. Today, Hustle and Motivate Marketing wanted to shed light to something positive that was noticed. Which is, a lot of black women who are entrepreneurs are winning in 2020. The grind, the work ethic, the way they conduct business, their level of professionalism and the way they are able to close deals with sales, is what really intrigued us.  Yet, black women are launching businesses more than any other demographic, yet they’re the group that is getting the least amount of funding.

The Rising In Capital

The why is interesting as well, as to why they are deciding not to work for an organization and instead working for themselves.  Most often, there one of three reasons at play, or all three reasons at play for black women starting their own business.  First reason, being a minority…unfortunately the color of your skin shouldn’t matter, but it does sometimes in certain organizations or businesses.  Next reason is, being a woman…your gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to business, but again women generally have it harder when it comes to succeeding in organizations/businesses.  Lastly, the lack of money compared to other salaries.  Often times, black women get used for all of their many talented gifts, yet the salary doesn’t show for it.  Add all three of those reasons together for most black women in organizations/businesses and you get to see why and how they are single handedly becoming the fastest growing entrepreneurs in 2020.

The Path

The path that black female entrepreneurs are walking is not always clear-cut, and often lacks the cautionary signs and reliable assistance that other people may have. However, Nearly half of women-owned businesses in the United States, or 44%, are controlled by minority women, according to Census data and projections by research firm Womenable. That’s up from 20% in 1997.  Yet, black female entrepreneurs are the least funded…and you can contribute that to those reasons stated in the last paragraph which are gender and race.  Often times, most black female entrepreneurs are asked to get a co-signer from their husbands, or their fathers in order to get a business loan.  This is nothing new, and has been going on for a long time when it comes to black women requesting to get a business loan.  Still, that is not slowing black women-owned businesses from growing  We can also attribute to the recent issues, and the BLM movement to raise awareness on black people and culture in general, which is shedding more light and awareness for black female entrepreneurs.  Hustle and Motivate  marketing is so happy to see black women winning, as a lot of our businesses and clients are black female entrepreneurs.  We just wanted to shed light and awareness on the fact that despite the odds….they continue to grow and remain fierce in their pursuit.

Published By Trey Davis & Timiesha Pruitt

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