W.U.O.T.W Featuring Japera Brown Collection
W.U.O.T.W Featuring Japera Brown Collection
In a world where women’s true beauty is overlooked, RJB Apparel was created to highlight it. For founder, Rashida, this brand is about empowering women of all colors and sizes. Having a brand that represents who she is as a person is of the utmost importance. RJB Apparell is all about self-love, confidence, building women and girls up, encouraging them to love who they are. She knew she wanted to a very young age created her lane in the Fashion world. After being inspired herself at a Fashion Show, she took the next steps to inspire young women.
If RJB Apparel inspires others to create, Rashida’s words of advice are simple. Make a plan, set goals, and most importantly have Faith that if God gave you the vision he will help create the path. Those plans include more photo shoots and even expanding the brand internationally. So if you know any young women or have a women you know, that you want her to find her beauty go to RJB Apparel and support! RJB has two upcoming launches. The JaPera Brown Collection launches March 16th,2020 and P.R Agency launches March 16th,2020. If you are the Dallas area in June go support at the Take Plight A Runway Fashion Show this year!



Interview Questions:

Why did you chose your company name / What does it mean to you?

RJB are my initials and then apparel is just what my brand consist of. I wanted my brand to represent who I am as a person, my clothing brand is all about self-love, confidence, building women and girls up, encouraging them to love who they are, I can’t be a representation to others encouraging them to do something, that I myself haven’t mastered. Self-confidence is so important and a lot of young girls lack it and women, so it’s important that there are brands who encourage them to be confident in who God has created them to be and that they don’t have to conform to society standards.

What are your goals for your company for the rest of this year?

The goals for my brand is to do more photo-shoots, and less fashion shows. I also want to showcase my brand in at least two international shows and produce two of my own shows one in my hometown and another out of state. Another goal is to get my brand out there more not just locally, but on the international level as well.

What Inspired you to start your company?

I have always had a love for fashion since I was a young girl, but it wasn’t until after I attended my very first fashion show that pushed me to go ahead in start my apparel line.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Honestly no I didn’t, I had set in my mind that I was going to be a Dentist and go to dental school.

Words of advice you would give to someone getting into your field

The advice I would give someone who is looking to launch a clothing line, become a designer, or even considering it, I would have to say first that Develop a plan, know/research who your customer/target market is, ask questions if needed and take the feedback given, also know that success will not happen overnight, you will have good days and bad, but the most important thing is to trust the process and know that if God gave you the vision, He will provide the resources needed for your business to succeed.

What is the message you want to deliver to people?

My brand inspires, educates, and uplifts girls and women by providing apparel and footwear so that they can complement and celebrate the true beauty that lies within. 
The brand believes that fashion should not overshadow the beauty of the wearer, rather it should enhance it.

How long have you been in your craft?

I’ve been in the fashion industry since 2016, but I’ve only been a designer for 2 years. I have also produced 3 fashion shows.

Any upcoming events or releases we can include?

Take Plight A Runway Fashion Show: June 2020-Dallas, TX

The JaPera Brown Collection Launches: March 16th,2020! 

P.R Agency Launches – March 16th,2020

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