W.U.O.T.W: Rosebud BakeShop
W.U.O.T.W: Rosebud BakeShop

Rosebud Bakeshop (@rosebudbakeshop)

Balancing work life and mom life can seem like a bit of a challenge but Courtney with @rosebudbakeshop from California is making it look like a piece of Cake . Growing up baking with her grandma and making it into a Sunday dinner tradition, @courtneysilverlight_ knew she didn’t want to work for anyone but her self and turned Rosebud Bakery into a household name filled with a growing clientele. @courtneysilverlight_ has goals of opening a commercial kitchen as her business continues to grow and we like for you all to grow with @rosebudbakeshop to. Please head on over to @rosebudbakeshop to check her latest creations and if you’re in the East Bay Area of California make sure that your next dessert needs are coming from Rosebud Bakery



Interview Questions:

Why did you chose your company name / What does it mean to you?

I thought pretty long & hard on what I was going to name my shop under, I always observe other people’s names & see if they are catchy or easy to remember & then one day it just came to me. I’ll call myself “Rosebud Bakeshop” it’s a name that’s close to me & I feel like my baking is also something close to me, my mother called me Rosebud it was my nickname as a child & now I have a beautiful little girl who I have named Rose, so it’s a family name & my family loves to cook/bake.

What are your goals for your company for the rest of this year?

I have so many goals for myself when it comes to this company, I want to keep myself hooked & busy eventually get a commercial kitchen because I’m that occupied, being a new mother has set me back a little bit, it’s important for me to be a parent first but my business is important as well, I feel like the main goal is to create balance.

What Inspired you to start your company?

I’ve always worked for other bakeries, I would try to share my ideas with them & decorate differently & I was always pushed away, that lead to me trying new things in my spare time on my own + Baking is something I do with my grandmother for fun every week, it always came with Sunday dinner, it started off as a hobby really & I feel like I got blessed to have people actually want to purchase from me & continue to purchase from me. Eventually orders grew along with my clientele & I decided to make a business & name for myself.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

I honestly never knew what I wanted to do with my life, I had never figured it out until about recently, I knew I hated working for other people & I hate the way most employers treat their employees & I think that’s what really pushed me to the entrepreneur level.

Words of advice you would give to someone getting into your field

To just never compare yourself to others, baking is literally science, one screw up & you mess up the whole project, don’t be hard on yourself, perfectionism isn’t real, & if you admire someone else’s work make sure to study them & let them know.

What is the message you want to deliver to people?

I want people to know that if you believe it, you can achieve it. There’s a lot of hidden talent in this world & just because others may be doing what you also aspire to do doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on the back burner, hard work pays off, invest in yourself & in your dreams, when you show confidence in what you do others will see it as well & that will naturally help you build more clientele.

How long have you been in your craft?

I’ve been working under other bakeries for about 6 years, I started doing my own this a year ago.

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