Write Up Of The Week Featuring #ReadingWithMel
Write Up Of The Week Featuring #ReadingWithMel

Today, we wanted to do something different with our Write Up Of The Week, on our platform. I want to share with you some the knowledge that I get from my friends every day. The person that we are featuring knows so much about books, so much so… I call her my own personal librarian. Anytime I need some great marketing books to read she points me in the right direction.


I would like you to meet Melonie, she has a platform called #ReadingWithMel, that gives a glimpse of great books to read. Here is a breakdown of our interview with her.  In the comments please drop your favorite book or a book that has helped build your platform!


– What made you become an avid reader?

My mom is an avid reader and always grew our library. I found myself staying up to finish a chapter in a book at a really young age, and it’s been that way ever since. 


    – How did #ReadingWithMel Start?

I use to run book clubs and was part of others, but I wanted one where it wasn’t attached to work…and also I can find MY type of people. Where they aren’t really judgy and pretentious  and just like to read and have fun. So after many many friends messaged me urging me too start my own platform (including you), I decided to give Instagram a shot. 


    – All Time Favorite book and why?

I have a favorite in every subject. But, if we are talking my absolute favorite, it is called Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. In business, my favorite book is Think and Grow Rich. I love both because you can reread them over and over and still learn something. Both books,  I can strongly relate to when it comes to values and resilience. The first one is a fantasy book and the other is a business book the other fantasy.  


    – What Book Are you reading right now?

Bookclub is reading “Name of the Wind” and I am currently reading “They Cant Kill Us All” by Wesley Lowry 


   – What are some good books to help people start a business?
  • Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill 
  • The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki 
  • Will it Fly by Thomas McKnight 
  • The E Myth by Michael E Gerber 
  • Influence: The psychology of persuasion

To name a few, but I can get more specific depending on the business and reader. 


   – What are some good books for marketing?
  • Killing marketing by Joe Pulizzi
  • Top Of Mind by John Hall 
  • The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton
  • Hit Makers by David Fisher 
   – What is your goal with your company?

I don’t see it as a company…just a safe space for those who love reading and are too shy to make friends, as well as build connections with people you never thought you would. It’s fun to see how ONE title can touch so many DIFFERENT lives. I love connecting someone to the right book that makes them realize their love for reading. My purpose is to have more readers in the world than we do today. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. We need to find that love for reading again because it gives us strength and knowledge. 


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